Since 1997 member of  “Bio-Lëtzebuerg”

The Toodlermillen organic farm

The Toodlermillen organic farm has been a family business for several generations.

The former mill (hence the name Toodlermillen, roughly translates to “Mill of Tadler”) could not be sustained due to the industrialization. Our ancestors decided to switch to dairy farming so as to not give up their whole property.

In 1997, the farm war converted to organic farming. Organic farming means love and respect for living creatures and the natural environment.

In 2002, the dairy farming was given up and the focus turned to cattle breeding. Due to the location it was impossible to expand the farm to a modern size, which is why the logical step was to begin to breed cattle.

The Scottish Highland Cattle is the perfect breed for the conditions on the Toodlermillen. Our Cattle mainly fed by the grasses and herbs that grow in our meadows and pastures. In the wintertime, the cattle are held in open stables and fed hay and silage fodder.

Our livestock is composed of mother cows, oxen, calves and 2 bulls. The farm also holds Icelandic horses, cats and two german shepherd dogs.

The love for animals and the respect for nature occupy an important place for us.

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Best meat from the Scottish Highland Beef

Products from natural grazing from the organic farm Toodlermillen

By natural and species-appropriate attitude we offer you high-quality, tasty and tender Highland meat. The meat of these naturally growing animals belongs to the delicatessen sector. Highland meat is highly recommended for health-conscious gourmets.

On the one hand it contains less fat and cholesterol, which is why it is also better suited for diet cuisine than other types of meat. On the other hand, it contains a higher proportion of valuable proteins. Highland beef differs from other cattle breeds in its slow growth. Most bred cattle breeds are ready for slaughter after about nine to twelve months, whereas Highland cattle at this age can still be considered a calf.

The Highland cow reaches its slaughter weight only after approx. two and a half to three years.

Typical for the tasty Highland beef is a fine marbling and a low water content. This ensures that the meat retains its consistency when roasted and does not shrink.

Every year, only a few of our Highland cattle are due for slaughter. Please understand that we cannot always have fresh meat in stock.

Our slaughter dates are scheduled from October to March. All animals for slaughter are brought by us to the Cobolux slaughterhouse in Wecker.

Are you interested in a portion of Bio Highland beef?

We are happy to accept your advance order.

You will receive a ready-to-serve, vacuum-packed and labelled package in standard household sizes.

A household package (approx. 20 kg) contains:

Roast beef, entrecôte, steak, rumsteak, roast, braised roast, roulades (stuffed), goulash, minced meat, hamburgers, fresh bratwurst, Mettwurst as well as soup meat and bones (bones free of charge)

Tongue or whole fillet only on request.

Smoked meat and salami:

In the Naturata shops you can find all year round our smoked meat and salami, carved and vacuum packed in small portions. You will find these labels on our products.