Highland cattle

Since 1997 member of the “Verein für Organisch-Biologischen Landbau Luxemburg”

The most beautiful cow under the sun.

The most beautiful cow under the sun is the Highland Cattle. With its decorative horns, which can grow up to a span of 1.40 meters, and its long coat it catches the attention of the viewer. With its big, crystal clear eyes it observes its surroundings trough a wild mane on the forehead.

But this is only the look. The long coat makes the Highland Cattle winters- and weather resistant. There is no cowshed needed, rain and wind don’t arm a Highland. Even snow does not penetrate the natural coat.
The Highland cow doesn’t need any help when it gives birth to a calf, even when it’s -20 degrees Celsius, and up to the high age of 20 years.

The fresh herbs and grasses of the summer space meadow, the fragrant hay, and the steady movement outside make the Highland Cattle’s meat a tasty and delicate product.

Highland Cattle are:

  • natural
  • weather resistant
  • tame
  • economic
  • beautiful
  • savoury