Sep-Key System

The barrier and entrance to the sanitary facilities work with an access control system. You get the Sep-Key when you register, on a bail of 25,00 €.

The showers also run on the Sep-Key system. The key is charged to a certain amount when you register, and when using warm water the key pays, instead of chips or cash. Recharging can be done in the reception. Furthermore there is an automatic recharge in the sanitary facilities, which will also recharge your Sep-Key with 1 € coins. You can also consult your credit using this device. Prices: The shower s cost 0,24 €/min. Warm water in the sinks costs 0,25 €/min. Cold water is free.

The barrier is operable from 08.00 a.m. until 22.00 p.m. The barrier is locked when you return after 22.00 p.m.; you will have to park on the parking lot. Please do not lend your Sep-Key to other guests, or it will not work properly.