General Terms and Conditions

  1. Application of the General Terms and Conditions

1.1. These general terms and conditions apply to all offers, reservation requests and contracts concluded with Toodlermillen campsite and relate to all rented pitches.

1.2. Camping Toodlermillen has the right to change the following general terms and conditions at any time with or without notice.

1.3. Camping Toodlermillen reserves the right to update the layout and opening hours of the campsite’s facilities.

  1. Reservations

2.1. The rental agreement is valid as soon as the stay has been requested by the guest and confirmed by Camping Toodlermillen. A written confirmation will be sent by Camping Toodlermillen before the rental agreement starts. From this moment on the reservation is binding. The tenant/guest is obliged to accept the rental agreement with the associated rules. The tenant/guest is also responsible for ensuring that any fellow travellers also follow the applicable rules.

2.2. Camping Toodlermillen only processes reservations from people who are at least 18 years old. The adult responsible for the booking must be present at the campsite during the stay of all guests under 18 years of age. Minors not accompanied by a parent will only be admitted with written parental consent.

2.3. Preference: If a pitch is reserved without a preference for the pitch number, Camping Toodlermillen has the possibility to change the pitch number, leaving the type of pitch unchanged. If a preference is given for a specific number, the pitch number cannot be changed. When making a reservation, wishes and preferences about the length of your stay, the place of stay and services are considered as much as possible.

2.4. In case of a cancellation, this must be communicated in writing (by email). the tenant owes the following cancellation costs:

  • Cancellation after booking up to 90 days before the arrival date. The deposit will be refunded. Excluding booking processing costs.
  • Cancellation after booking up to 30 days before the day of arrival: 50% of the rental price.
  • If cancelled 30 to 0 days before the day of arrival, the tenant owes 100% of the entire rental price.
  • If cancelled on/after the arrival date: the entire rental price 100 %

2.5. We recommend that our guests take out cancellation insurance. So that a trip cancellation due to illness, death, etc. is insured. If you do not have your own cancellation insurance with a policyholder, you can take out insurance using this link. Enter this link in your browser:        You have 7 days to take out this insurance from the date on the booking confirmation.

2.6. Only one car has access to the site at a time. Second cars must park outside.

2.7. The reserved parking space will remain reserved for you until 5:00 p.m. on the day of arrival. If you have not arrived by this time and no telephone call or message (email) has been sent to our campsite, your reservation will be cancelled, and no refund will be given.

2.8. The maximum number of people allowed per pitch is 6 people (including a maximum of 4 adults). A small tent is allowed. A small tent is a two-berth tent with an area of no more than 5 m² (2.5 x 2m).

2.9. The campsite operator reserves the right not to accept bookings from groups.

  1. Payment Terms

3.1. After the booking confirmation, the tenant pays a deposit of 50% to the bank account number: IBAN LU78 0090 0000 0663 3010 BIC: CCRALULL in the name of: Camping Toodlermillen Keizer-Braune Amand 1, Toodlermillen L-9181 Tadler-Moulin, within the period specified on the booking confirmation (8 days).

3.2. If the arrival date is shorter than 30 days, the full booking amount (100%) is due at once.

3.3. For bookings of 1-3 nights, the full booking amount (100%) is due by the deadline told on the booking confirmation.

3.4. 30 days before the arrival date, the tenant must have paid the final payment of 50% to the specified account number (Article 3.1). If this does not happen, even after a reminder from Camping Toodlermillen, and no check-in has taken place on the day of arrival of the tenant in question, Camping Toodlermillen will consider this as a cancellation on the start date of the contract.

3.5. Promotion code / discount code: the percentage is tied to the number of overnight stays.

3.6. SEP KEY DEPOSIT: Upon arrival, you will be asked to provide <<CASH>> for the Sep Key deposit(s). The deposit amount is 30.00 euros /per Sep Key. If there is a power connection, a deposit of 10.00 euros in cash /per electricity key will be charged. If cash is not available, we must charge a surcharge if you wish to pay the deposit using a debit card (V-Pay; Maestro; Visa Debit) or credit card (Visa; Mastercard). The deposit(s) will be refunded upon check out.

  1. Check in/out

4.1. The campsite is private property, and the campsite operator can grant or deny permission to remain there at any time. Any violation can result in expulsion.

4.2. All people staying at the campsite must show their identity and fill out a data form for the “Fiche d’hébergement” overnight register.

4.3. <<Check-In >> is possible from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. You must present your passport or ID card upon arrival. The pitches are available from 2:00 p.m. on the day of arrival. A driving license is not a valid identification document abroad.

4.4. The places are only assigned by the owner or by staff who are familiar with this task or confirmed by reservation via email. A change of place is only allowed after consultation and approval of the owner or this staff.

4.5. On the day of departure <<Check-Out>> you have until 11:30 a.m. to leave your pitch or accommodation free and clean.

4.6. Camping Toodlermillen reserves the right to conduct a final inspection from 9:30 a.m. on the day of departure, which relates to the condition and completeness of the pitch. If the pitch is not left clean or in a tidy condition, €40 will be charged.

4.7. In case of a later arrival or an earlier departure, there will be no refund of the rental price and the added costs of the pitch or accommodation. You always pay for the nights reserved, even if you leave earlier or arrive later.

  1. Visitors

5.1. Reception of day visitors is allowed, they must be registered at reception one day in advance. If visitors are staying overnight, visitors must report to reception on the day of arrival and pay the cost price for the overnight stay.

  1. Rules of conduct

6.1. All camping guests must accept and follow the house rules.

6.2. There is a speed limit of 10 km per hour at our campsite.

6.3. From 10:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m., all activities that may disturb the peace of our guests are prohibited.

6.4. Adults oversee the behaviour of the children entrusted to them. You must not disturb the peace and security of the other guests at Camping Toodlermillen. Sanitary facilities are not a children’s playground!!!

6.5. It is forbidden to smoke in public areas.

6.6. To protect the privacy of our guests, it is forbidden to fly drones anywhere on the campsite!

6.7. Naturism is not allowed! Textiles are compulsory for everyone: in the reception, the sanitary facilities, the parking spaces, all interior facilities and on the entire site.

6.8. The tap water at Camping Toodlermillen is of drinkable quality. The use of our tap water is not intended for gaming purposes! Use the water from the river “Sûre” for this.

  1. Early termination of the contract by the owner

7.1. In case of non-compliance with the house rules, regulations/rules of conduct, the tenant and his entire family or group composition will be asked to leave Camping Toodlermillen. The owner can stop the contract with immediate effect:

  • If the tenant, the co-tenants and/or third parties do not or do not properly fulfil the obligations arising from the contract, the camping regulations and/or the official regulations, despite prior verbal and/or written warnings, to such an extent that in accordance with the standards the propriety and fairness of the owner cannot require that the contract be continued.
  • If the tenant or co-tenant, despite prior verbal and/or written warnings, harasses the owner and/or co-tenant and/or other tenants at Camping Toodlermillen or disrupts the safety or good atmosphere on or in the immediate vicinity of the campsite.
  • If the tenant acts contrary to the destination of the premises by using the accommodation or pitch and / or his camping equipment, despite prior verbal and/or written warnings.
  • If the renter’s camping equipment does not meet accepted safety standards.
  • Theft, vandalism, aggressive behaviour, and drug use are among other reasons for the direct removal of the tenant with his entire family or group composition from Camping Toodlermillen.

7.2. In case of early termination of the contract, the tenant must ensure that his site and/or camping equipment is cleared, and the site is vacated as quickly as possible, but no later than 2 hours after termination.

7.3. If the tenant does not leave the accommodation or pitch within the stipulated 2 hours (article 6.2), the owner is entitled to do so at the tenant’s expense. The Owner is not liable for any damage arising from or in connection with the evacuation of the accommodation or pitch unless the damage is due to the Owner’s carelessness. Any storage costs for the tenant’s vacated property will be borne by the tenant.

7.4. If the tenant believes that the owner has breached the contract unfairly has stopped, he must inform the owner at once and he can submit the dispute to him to the civil court in Luxembourg or to the dispute resolution committee in Luxembourg within 30 days of the removal at the latest.

7.5. The tenant/guest is still fundamentally obliged to pay the agreed amount (Article 3) to Camping Toodlermillen.

  1. Accountability

8.1. Tenants of a parking space and visitors come to us at their own risk. We are in no way liable for any damage and/or accidents caused by third parties. By entering the camping site, tenants and visitors expressly waive any right to compensation.

8.2. We cannot be held responsible for unforeseen events, force majeure, natural disasters, or legal decisions that disrupt, interrupt, or prevent your stay and entertainment at Camping Toodlermillen.

8.3. The owner reserves the right to take proper action following reports of disruptions or disputes caused by camping guests.

  1. Damage

9.1. Any damage must be reported at once to reception, whether on the campsite premises or its facilities. Damage costs and any later costs will be billed to the person who caused the damage.

  1. Compliance with the Terms and Conditions

10.1. After agreeing to the rental agreement, the guest and fellow travellers are obliged to accept the general terms and conditions, enclosed information, and government regulations. These General Terms and Conditions are governed by Luxembourg law and in case of a dispute relating to these General Terms and Conditions or in relation to this website, the Luxembourg courts will have jurisdiction.


November 2023