This tourist accommodation shall take measures to reduce its environmental impact by – promoting the use of renewable energy sources, – saving energy and water – and avoiding waste.

Camping Toodlermillen is located in one of the most beautiful valleys inside the Upper Sûre Natural Park within the Luxembourg Ardennes.

It is very important for us to preserve it in its current state with the help of organic farming and tourism which is why we are continually improving our services as well as measures to protect the environment.

Since 2002, we have been an Ecolabel enterprise, the Luxembourgian certification for environmentally friendly tourist businesses.

Shopping :

  • Please buy drinks in bottles with deposit, we nearly exclusively sell those in our shop
  • Don’t throw away empty bottles with deposit.
  • Don’t buy plastic bottles, nor Tetra-Packs.
  • Use a bag or basket when you’re going shopping, so you don’t need to take a plastic bag.


  • Glass belongs in the glass container, in the the recycling area.
  • Remove the paper from tin cans, fold them together and trow them in the black, round container.
  • Aluminium cans belong in the green container.
  • Paper, cardboard and journals belong in the brown container.
  • P.E.T. Bottles belong in the blue container.
  • Tetra-Packs belong in the yellow container.
  • Old batteries and spray bottles must be brought to the reception for proper disposal.

We try to use drinking water sparingly.

Saving drinking water:

The toilets have a flushing mechanism that limits the water use to a minimum.
The drinkingwater resources are equipped with a closing mechanism.
The cleaning agents are concentrated and get diluted before use.

Waste water :

The washing machines use a small amount of washing powder. There is a separate drainpipe for the chemical toilet.
The rain water can flow into the ground on natural way, there is no soil sealing.

We try to save warm water and be energy-efficient :

The warm water pipelines are heat-insulated and the boiler is limited to 60°C.
The washing machines are connected to warm water directly, so there is no electric heating to be done.

Further energie :

The kitchen mainly uses gas to cook and fry.

Nova Naturstrom

We produce our own electricity trough a photovoltaic system on the roof of the sanitary building. The amounts we don’t use go back into the general ENOVOS circuit.

The electricity we need to buy is provided by NOVA NATURSTOM.

You too can help protect our environment, thank you for your help!

If you have further ideas, please do not hesitate to contact us!